About Michael Raymond....

Born and raised to a family of jewelers in Miami, Michael Raymond Pereira, the designer of the Michael Raymond jewelry brand, was destined to become a jeweler. He grew up shadowing his father Raymond Pereira on the bench, learning the intricate art and craftsmanship of fine jewelry production. From the day he could grip a pair of pliers, Michael was working alongside his father, casting links, carving molds and turning precious metals into wearable works of art.

Eventually, the music scene in Miami captured Michael’s artistic attentions, and he left the bench behind for the bandstand, studying music at Berklee College of Music in Boston. He created a fulfilling career as a musician and sound engineer on the West Coast, but he never stopped making things with his hands. He often made jewelry as gifts for friends in his spare time and would revisit the bench whenever life afforded him quality time with his father.

In 2005, Raymond passed way, leaving his entire studio – bench, tools and molds – to Michael. Reconnecting with his father’s tools brought Michael solace and wonderful memories of creative collaborations with his father. Michael shipped all of the equipment to New York City and set up his own studio to revive his father’s legacy and develop his own distinctive voice as a jeweler.

In 2011, Michael Raymond was born, a unique, provocative and enchanting line of limited edition fine jewelry that challenges our perceptions of function, form, beauty and adornment. The collections pay tribute to Michael’s father Raymond and his partner Donald Beeby, using many of their unique molds and reinventing them in contemporary designs. Each piece is playful, yet sleek and simple, combining disparate elements, exploring the nature of man vs animal, or repurposing unusual found objects.

“I get a kick out of using and combining different elements which normally would not go together,” says Pereira. “I love to re-invent interesting objects and give them new functions or a surprising new sense of style. It’s fun to let my imagination create clever new uses for intriguing and beautiful things.”

Every piece is handmade in New York by Michael Raymond Himself and available on a limited edition basis. Animal parts find new expressions in bangles and pendants; missiles and bullets become earrings and charms; lollipops, Porsches and barbed wire become rings. Discover a world of enchantment and a refreshing sense of style at michaelraymondjewelry.com.