The Reggie Fishing Lure swivel Necklace

This 5.2 ounce Sterling silver necklace was commissioned by my hometown buddy Reggie. He sent me a fishing lure swivel and I cut it open to see what was happening in there. Turns out there's a center piece that rotates on a few bearings inside. I took the three pieces that make up one link, the two halves and the center piece and made a mold of them. I cast from the waxes, 57 pieces in sterling to make 19 of the 10mm X 20mm links. The total length of this bay boy is 22 inches but I can make yours any length you'd like. The jump rings that connect the links together are made from hand pulled, hand wound wire. There are 81 total pieces in this chain and 42 solder joints. Soldering the two halves together is extremely time consuming, while soldering the 23 jump rings is only moderately time consuming. This chain will last a lifetime and should you find yourself out on the boat and in need of a 22' rope or chain, you're good to go! This was a one off but I'd be more than happy to make one for you.

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